Ringing in the new year with the Top TEN Posts of 2020

I thought I’d start my 2021 out looking back at the ten best posts of 2020.  It gives me an idea of idea of what you guys liked and what you came to my blog looking for.

So here are the top ten (still valid) posts.  I didn’t include any deals that were no longer active.

10. February “Heart A Day” Valentine’s Idea | 28+ Compliments to Give Your Kid!

Check this one out now so you can do it this year for Valentine’s Day!

9. My Number One Tip for a Clean Refrigerator | Glad Press & Seal Wrap

This has been a popular post for a while.

8. How to do an Armpit Detox & Why You Want to do it!

Probably the most important and life-changing for-your-health post I’ve ever made.

7. Copycat Subway Italian BMT Sandwich

6. FREE Homeschool Field Trip Log (Elementary-Middle School)

5. Three Common Misconceptions about Walmart Grocery Pickup

There’s no doubt that Walmart saw an uptick in Grocery Pickup customers this year and it makes sense that people would want to get their facts straight first.

4. Muffin Mix Pancakes – Quick & Easy Breakfast to Please the Whole Family!

I just posted the Muffin Mix Pancakes post early in 2020 and it made it to the number 4 spot for the year!

3. FREEbies & Discounts for Health Care & Frontline Workers

I did three postings of this list over the year as deal changed but if you add them all up, they make the third most visited post of the year.

This post is the most recent version and contains the most still active offers.

2.  Easy Key Lime Pie

This has been a top post on the site for years – for good reason too, because it’s yummy!

1. What Happens If I Can’t Pick Up My Walmart Grocery Order?

My number one post all year comes from people searching “What happens if I can’t pick up my Walmart Grocery Order?” and since I have that answer, they are led here.

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