💗 February “Heart A Day” Valentine’s Idea | 28+ Compliments to Give Your Kid!

I remember Valentine’s Day when I was a kid.  My mom would place hearts with messages on them all over the house for everyone – on our bedroom doors, on the bathroom mirrors, on the cereal boxes so we’d find them when we made our breakfast, in backpacks, lunchboxes and briefcases.

I decided to take that idea and build it up from the beginning of the month until Valentine’s Day.  So by the time the 14th gets here, he’ll have quite a collection of encouragement.


So I came up with a list of sayings to put on those hearts that are perfect for kiddos!  I was just going to do 14 but I kept thinking of things (and you can probably think up different ones too!) so I may just continue it for the whole month!

  1. You are awesome
  2. You are kind
  3. You make me laugh
  4. You are intelligent
  5. I love your smile
  6. Your creativity amazes me
  7. You give the best hugs
  8. You have a great imagination
  9. You are strong
  10. You are brave / courageous
  11. You rock!
  12. I love watching you do what you love
  13. I am amazed by your abilities
  14. You are confident
  15. You are unique
  16. You can do BIG things
  17. You are talented
  18. There is no one else in the world like you
  19. You are special / God made you special
  20. I will always love you
  21. You are adored
  22. You are my sunshine.
  23. You are so good at ________
  24. You are a good friend /sibling
  25. You are cherished
  26. I am so thankful for you
  27. You are incredible
  28. You make me happy
  29. Dream big!


These are pretty generic but they can be a good jumping point for ideas for your own children.  When I wrote #10 I was thinking about my son’s karate training.  It’s very clear that he loves it and I love watching him love it.  I can also tell him that he is a good sport (when he competes).  You can replace “creativity” in #6 with specific examples: your drawing amazes me, your LEGO buildings amaze me, etc etc.  #14 can be “You are talented at _______”.

Let’s build our kids up over the next couple weeks!

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