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by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on July 25, 2011

Hi!  I’m Tabitha!

I blog here atSaving Toward A Better Life. I’m a wife of going on nine years now and a mom of a 5 year old little boy.  I love finding deals, saving money and getting to do MORE with LESS!

Would you like to partner with me?  This blog provides an outlet for all manner of advertising, reviews, giveaways, sponsorships and more!

This blog has been around since June 2009.  I have thousands of fans/followers on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

I have a sister site for deals local to my area (St. Clair County/Birmingham-area, AL) at St. Clair County Savings.

I also run!

ADVERTISE on Saving Toward A Better Life!

Here are the advertising options I offer (please email savingtowardabetterlife for rates).  Discounts are given for multiple months paid in advance.

Side Bar 300×250 above the fold (if space is available)

Side Bar 300×250 below the fold

Side Bar 125×125 below the fold (under “Sponsors”)
Text Links in Side Bar

up to 200 words w/1 link of your choice

250 – 500 words w/up to 3 links

 Sponsored Post can be modified based on what you want.  Please email me (savingtowardabetterlife to discuss.

COMPANIES:  I am available for all kinds of PR – reviews, giveaways, etc.

Here are some of the reviews I have done:

LeapFrog Leap Reader System
Ringling Brothers Circus

Disney on Ice
The Pasta Shoppe
A Day Out with Thomas 2012 and A Day Out with Thomas 2013
Nintendo Wii and Wii PlayMotion and Wii Fit Plus
Tassimo T20 Brewbot

BLOGGERS:  Guest posts are always welcome.  E-mail me at savingtowardabetterlife if you would like to submit a guest post or would like me to write one for your blog. 

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