My Number One Tip for a Clean Refrigerator | Glad Press & Seal Wrap

Why I Put Glad Wrap in the Fridge

Ready to hear a secret?  I put my Glad Press & Seal Wrap in the fridge!  No, it’s not what you think.  I don’t store the roll in the fridge.  Are you ready for my number one tip for keeping a clean fridge?  First, this is Glad Press & Seal Wrap – NOT the clear cling wrap.  That’s very important to know.


Now, for my tip:

Number One Tip for a Clean Fridge My number one tip for a clean fridge is really quite simple!  I line the shelves with Glad Cling Wrap. I’ve been doing this for years!  To get started, clear your fridge shelves and clean them and let them dry or towel dry them. Unless you want to take your shelves out and let them warm up to room temperature before applying the wrap, you will have to press extra to get it to adhere to the shelves.  I’m assuming the “sealing” process is activated by a small amount of body heat when you’re pressing it so it takes a little longer applying to a cold surface.  But it will stick.  I never warm my shelves up. I do make sure to wrap the Press ‘n Seal completely over the edges so there’s no chance of anything seeping under it. I start in the back and wrap it over the side edge and back edge and unroll it as far as I can and tear.  Then I rub this piece down.  I do the same thing in the front, overlapping it just a little with the first piece and making sure it wraps under the front edge.



You can see a little uncovered section in the back corner on picture 2 above.  So I take the roll again and cover that starting at the back edge and coming all the way to the front making sure to wrap around the side edge and front edge making a good seal.

Now, if something spills, I simply remove the affected wrap, rewrap with fresh wrap, and voila!  No scrubbing required!  Not to mention it just makes it look neater in the fridge.  At least I think so.

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