Copycat Subway Italian BMT Sandwich

The Italian B.M.T at Subway is one of my favorite sandwiches.  My toppings of choice are lettuce (or spinach), tomato, red onions, banana peppers and olives.

As much as I love getting it at Subway, it’s just as easy (and cheaper!) to make it at home!

Copycat Subway Italian BMT

Sub Sandwich Rolls of your choice




Provolone Cheese


At home I use one piece of Provolone cheese (cut in half), two pieces of ham, two pieces of salami and a few pepperonis.  I have found that it’s hard to find the large slices of pepperoni like Subway uses so I just use 5-6 regular pizza sized pepperonis.

After that you add your toppings.  This is completely up to personal preference but I think it’s best with tomato (Roma slices fit nicely!), olives, red onions, banana pepper slices and lettuce or spinach.  (Sometimes my store is out of spinach and I have to get lettuce.  Hubs prefers lettuce also.  But spinach is really good too and even better for you!)

What I love most about this sandwich is that it’s a great way to get an entire serving of veggies!   Two to three slices of tomato, a handful of lettuce or spinach and banana peppers and onions.  YUM!  Delicious and packed with veggies!

What’s your favorite Subway sandwich?  Have you tried to make it at home?

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