Amazon: 12 Toy Dinosaur Skeletons $4.99 SHIPPED | Great for “DINO-Mite” Valentine’s Cards!

Valentine’s is not that far away, and while Amazon is still offering FREE shipping, it’s a good time to start thinking about it!  You can snag what you need for Valentine’s with free shipping

I like to do “boy”-ish Valentine’s for G to give out.  And nothing says “boy” like dinosaurs!  We did dinosaur Valentine’s one year and I just came across this deal at Amazon that reminded me of them.

You can get Assorted Dinosaur Skeleton Toy Figures, Made of Plastic, (1 Pack of 12) for just $4.99 with FREE shipping!

OR Assorted Dinosaur Skeleton Toy Figures, Made of Plastic, (2 Packs of 12) for $7.10 also with FREE shipping!

You can print this  DINO-mite Valentine’s Card/Tags PRINTABLE HERE on to card stock and attach a dinosaur to it!  Or you can print on regular paper and glue it to card stock.  (Option 2 might work better because you can make the card stock bigger than the printable, increasing the size of the card, which makes more room for the dinosaurs.

Attaching them is as simple as punching two holes with a whole punch and looping some ribbon or string around it and tying like I did here:

I tied mine in the back because I didn’t like bows on top of the dinosaurs.

In our first version, I did use smaller toy dinosaurs like these:

72 Piece Mini Dinosaur Toy Set – $9.48 plus free shipping!

Don’t forget, Amazon’s free shipping for everyone ends on January 31st.  Order early to save!


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