Brick Fair LEGO Fan Expo Birmingham GROUPON $5 Savings – $33 for Admission for 2 PLUS GOODIE BAG

The Brick Fair LEGO Fan Expo is coming up in Birmingham, AL, NEXT WEEKEND!  January 19 & 20, 2019.  Groupon still has a Brick Fair discount tickets deal!

Tickets to the Brick Fair are $14 online through Brick Fair or at the door.  Making admission for 2 a total of $28.

Groupon’s deal is admission for 2 PLUS a SWAG BAG of LEGO GOODIES for $38. 

But if you use code MORE when you check out you’ll save $5 (through 1/15 – so hurry!)  That brings the Groupon cost down to $33.  For $5 more than what two tickets will cost you at the door, you can snag two tickets PLUS a goodie bag!

I know it’s not technically Brick Fair discount tickets but if you’re going anyway, here’s a chance to grab a bag of swag for the kiddos!  I know my son will be so excited to see all his swag!  Then the temptation to spend more money there will be eased because you have some pretty awesome LEGO goodies in your bag!

The bag is EXCLUSIVE to Groupon purchases (you can’t purchase it at the fair) and contains:

  • A mini LEGO puzzle celebrating the 50th anniversary of walking on the moon
  • A custom Alabama Crimson Tide related LEGO figure (the coach or a fan)
  • A brick badge for the event; BrickFair 2019 VIP with logo
  • A LEGO themed sticker
  • The Alabama flag on a 2×4 LEGO tile
  • A custom BrickFair Coaster
  • A LEGO themed 500-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • LEGO set #20019 Slave I
  • BrickFair reusable bag
  • BrickFair reusable pen

It appears that it’s just ONE goodie bag per Groupon purchased even though it’s two tickets.  BUT you can purchase more than one Groupon voucher.  So a family of four could purchase two Groupons to get four tickets and two goodie bags.

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