Netflix Prices Going Up for ALL Customers

We became a streaming-only household YEARS ago before it was cool.  (Back when Netflix was the ONLY way to stream and still offered DVD rentals!)  We cut the cord (cable) because prices kept going up and up and up.  Netflix seems to be doing the same, although, I will say, that they have a long way to go before they cost as much as our cable service did.

But alas, prices ARE going up for the pioneer streaming service.

  • $7.99 Basic Service is going up to $8.99
  • $10.99 Standard HD Service is going up to $12.99
  • $12.99 Premium UHD Service is going up to $15.99

So if you have Premium UHD but think you could live with just Standard HD, you could go down one package without a change in price.  And if you have Standard HD but think you could live without HD in your life, you can go down to Basic and actually save some money!  And we’re all about saving money around here!



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