Pirate Activities, Crafts & Snacks for Kids on Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19)

Arrrrr, me hearties!  One of our favorite days is coming ashore soon!  National Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th! Want to celebrate with the kids? Check out these easy & creative ideas to get in the spirit!

We have ideas from snacks, to crafts, to games to educational ideas to use in the classroom!  No matter where you are on Talk like a Pirate day, you can get in the spirit with one (or more) of these ideas! 

Pirate Treasure Hunt – This is a great activity for pirate fun at home over the weekend! Make your own map, hide pirate treasure, and watch your little ones follow directions to search for the Pirates’ Gold!

Island Adventures Reading Program – Join Pete Pirate and his crew with instruction and practice in advanced phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension! 75 lessons teach fundamental reading skills for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Recommended ages 6 to 9.


Treasure Map Pizza – Decorate your homemade pizza with olives, peppers, and a tiny red pepper for the pirate ship!

Meet the McKaws – This is such a fun pirate-themed book for Kindergarteners! Captain Stan and Tiny McKaw are rough-and-tumble pirates. Whether it’s searching for treasure or battling on the high seas, this adventurous duo is up for anything.

Pirates’ Treasure & Crafts

Pirate Math and Literacy Activities – The pirate literacy activities include wall words, syllable sort, picture bingo, and more! The pirate math activities include four math activities that would deb a great addition to any pirate-themed unit.

Printable Treasure Maps – Have some fun “hunting” treasure with the printable pirate treasure maps you can color in!

fish and chips

Fish & Chips – Easy snack for any pirate party – fish and chips!  And by that, I mean Goldfish and potato chips!

Pirate Crafts and Treasure Chest – Make a pirate hat, homemade pirate hook, spyglass, treasure chest, gold coins and more! Pirate Craft Paper Plate Pirate Craft – Use household items to craft a happy pirate face! This is an easy activity for kids and parents to complete together at home.

Personalized Pirate Coloring Sheets

Edible Pirate Ships – What’s more fun than a pirate ship made out of things you can EAT when you’re done??

Sponge Pirate Ships – A few simple items – sponges, toothpicks and paper – and you can make your own pirate ships that really float and sail!

Exploding Treasure Chests Pirate Science – Dive into some pirate science with Exploding Treasure Chests!! It’s a great sensory experience as the solid, freezing cold chests turn to mush and expose treasures hidden within.

Pirate Ship Cupcakes – You don’t have to twist my arm to get me to make cupcakes.  Celebrate the day with pirate ship cupcakes!

Pirate Theme Classroom Mega Bundle – Want to set your classroom in a pirate theme? This package includes pirate-themed word wall cards, calendars, customizable name tags, classroom jobs poster, time telling posters set, and more!

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