Perfect Pirate Party Ideas

Bug’s 4th birthday was Pirates and it was tons of fun!  Here’s what we did to make it a perfect pirate birthday party!

First things first, goody bags at a pirate party are not acceptable – they must be TREASURE CHESTS!  I started with these Treasure Chest Treat Boxes.  You can find tons of pirate swag to fill them with!  Here are some ideas:

I did pirate hats and eye patches as favors too, but I put them on a table for everyone to grab and put on as they came it.  That was a HIT!  The kids loved (and looked so cute!) running around in their eye patches and pirate hats!

Next was planning the perfect cake.  That was a two-fold process.  I wanted a cake AND cupcakes for the kids.  The easiest thing was the cupcakes.  I found this (free) template for sails and flags on toothpicks.  Voila!  Mini Pirate Ship Cupcakes!  (And I personally think the Red and White Stripes Baking Cups were the perfect touch!) I chose chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting because it looked more like a ship.

I couldn’t decide on the cake until I saw the  Pirate Adventure Cake Decorating Kit.  It was pretty simple!  I used white frosting tinted with just a little bit of Wilton Icing Colors: Brown  until I got the right sand looking color.

For the water I used Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Blue.  I couldn’t figure out what they used in the picture that came with the cake kit to make it look so translucent.  But I knew I didn’t want to use regular cake frosting.  The cookie icing has a little sheen to it so it looks like water.

I will tell you about the FOOD I made for the pirate party in another post HERE.   And be sure to follow my Pirate Birthday Party board on Pinterest and check out some more pictures from the party below:

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