$15 Worth of Groceries and My Meal Plan for the Week

I shared on Facebook last night that I was going to show you how I plan on feeding my family dinner for a week with my stockpile and the $15 worth of groceries I bought yesterday.   The benefit of stockpiling with coupons is that when money is tight, I can get by without buying much.  Right now is one of those times that I need to scale back spending for a couple weeks.  There were some sales at Winn-Dixie that I couldn’t ignore and when I realized what I could get for so little I decided to get my items and plan my dinners this week around it using what I have on hand to supplement.

The groceries I bought were $60 before sales and coupons.  Here’s what I got for $14.18:

Plus I got a big pack of dinner rolls at Dollar Tree.  So I just rounded it to $15 spent.  I had a coupon for a FREE Gorton’s product so the salmon was completely FREE!  And Bug really likes peaches so he’ll be having peaches with dinner every night.

Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinner this week:


Using one pack of the chicken I made Bacon Cheddar Chicken using a Kraft Fresh Take kit I already had.  Used a can of black eyed peas from the stockpile and toasted some of the dinner rolls.


I’m going to make Stockpile Beef Stew and Rice using the Progresso Beef Stew I bought and rice from my stockpile.

Thursday night:

I’m going to use the rest of the chicken and make this 3 ingredient crock pot Taco Chicken recipe I recently found on Pinterest.  It calls for taco seasoning mix and chicken broth.  Two things I also have on hand in my stockpile.  I plan to serve the chicken in tortillas with cheese and a side of refried beans.  Also things I have on hand.

Friday night:

Grilled Ham & Cheese and Potato Soup.  Ham and cheese I already have, bread and soup I purchased yesterday.

Saturday night:

We’ll be at a wedding.  I know, I know, I’m cheating.  But I don’t have to make dinner this night.  :)

Sunday night:

Salmon I purchased with sides from the stockpile.  Probably rice, green beans and rolls.

Monday night:

We have soccer practice so it’ll be PB&J for every one!

We don’t always eat like kings but we are well fed.  Thanks to coupons and stockpiling, I know I can always feed my family!

Plus, making a meal plan is a great way to spend less and use up what you have on hand.

How do you do your meal plan?

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