Savings Tracker Update and Purchases for the week

Here’s a recap of what I’ve spent this week:

Last Saturday at CVS (I won’t go into what I got):
I bought $43.30 of stuff for $15.70 – a 69.5% savings!
And I got $13.48 in ECBs back!

I went to double coupon Monday at Food Giant just to get a few items.  They were out of the Jif peanut butter that was on sale (it was a good sale!) so I only got one item that I had a coupon on (the muffin mixes).  The lettuce was on sale, the other items were just must haves. 

I spent $6.76

I went to Walgreens this week too.  I got 2 dozen eggs (had a rain check from last week when they were 99c), half gallon of milk, a candy bar, deodorant, and a Gillette razor (99c this week!)

It was $24.53 worth of stuff for $4.50 and I got $5RR back!

I entered all this into my savings tracker.   I have a $300 grocery budget each month.  I’ve spent $259.98 this month which leaves me $40.02 in my $300 budget.  I’ve received $16.49 in rebates this month – I always add my rebate money back into my grocery budget.  So I have an extra $16.49 to spend this month.  With 10 days left in the month, I have $56.51 left!

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