Frugal Fun with Kids – Dress up play!

Need some ideas to keep the kids busy through these long summer days? School’s out which means more time YOU have to entertain the kids! But it shouldn’t have to cost alot! Follow along as I give you my best ideas for frugal fun with kids!

Frugal Fun with Kids -Dress up Play!
Skills: imaginative role play, the opportunity to work through scenarios, polishing social skills, and FUN!

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween!  Dressing up and pretending should be an important part of every child’s day!  I teach preschool and we always have dress up clothes in the classroom.  “Playing dress up” seems to invoke images of little girls wearing sparkly dresses and their mom’s costume jewelry having a pretend tea party – but it’s equally important for little boys to dress up and role play characters too.

I’ve been stocking up a box in Bug’s closet with appropriate things for him to use when he wants to be someone or something else.

Right now our box consists of a pirate costume, Lightning McQueen, a foam “hard hat” I got at a yard sale for a quarter, a foam sword and play football helmet that were 75c each on clearance at Target, Thomas the Train, and a toy firefighter helmet that was $1 at the thrift store.  Oh, and a couple crowns from Burger King, an apron from Lowe’s and some leftover birthday party hats.  :)  Sometimes, dressing up and pretending to be something else is as simple as putting on a hat!

I would encourage you, if you already have some items, to find a box to put in a special place and keep them together.  And add to your “box of pretend” every chance you get.  Let your little boys pretend to be Dad by giving them an old shirt and tie of his to keep in their box.  Hit up the thrift store for old Halloween costumes.  Pass down older siblings’ sports or dance costumes for the little ones to play with.  Think outside the box: a white shirt that you were going to toss out would suffice as a doctor’s lab coat for a child, scarves, hats, even old gloves can turn them into anything their imagination dreams up!

And don’t forget to get in there and pretend with them!  I’ve worn a paper crown many times so my little pirate could save his princess!  :)

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