CostumeSuperCenter Review | Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

So when I was asked to do a review for CostumeSuperCenter I was really excited!  Costumes aren’t just for Halloween.  I teach preschool and “dress up” is a part of our normal day. And “dress up” isn’t just about little girls dressing like princesses.  Boys like to play dress up too!  I want Bug to enjoy role playing as a part of his intellectual development.  It fosters good imaginations, new vocabulary as they learn more about what they are pretending to be and describe the things that they are doing as this pretend person….plus it’s great fun!!

I browsed the selection of Boy’s Costumes trying to decide what to pick for Bug.  Firefighter, police officer, doctor – those all sounded fun and educational…but then I saw IT!

What was IT?  IT was the Thomas the Tank Engine Costume!!!  I knew that was what I was going to have to get!  And I knew he’d love it!

It’s no secret we are Thomas fans around here!

I let him open the package when it came.  Oh, he was so excited!  “It’s MY Thomas!” he kept saying over and over.

So of course, we had to put it on.  There was lots of whistle-blowing and chugging that followed.

I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with this costume!  It is made of thick, durable foam material.  The bottom front portion (the red area) is actually folded under and sewn to the back so it’s twice as thick as the rest of the costume (forgive me, I am sewing illiterate so I don’t know if there is a name for this…)  I can assume that this is to (a) weight the front down so it hangs well and (b) protect it from getting stepped on and ripped during play.

The back of this costume is even cute!

My favorite feature is that Thomas is actually three dimensional on the front. This isn’t just an apron with a Thomas face painted on it!  This is detailed!  Thomas’ funnel and face both stick out from the front of the costume.

How cute!

I love how Bug keeps his arms inside the costume when he’s playing!

This costume comes in one size fits most up to age 6.  Bug is a pretty tall 2.5 year old and it falls just above the tops of his feet.  So he’ll be able play with it for a LONG time!  My one concern is the hat.  It’s not adjustable and it’s already snug.  The costume may outlive the hat.

(Want One?)  You can get the Thomas the Tank Engine Costume at CostumeSuperCenter for $25.97!

Or you can browse their selection of thousands of costumes for kids and adults!

See the Thomas Costume in action!