Understanding Coupon Lingo – What FREE really means

There are a lot of abbreviations used when it comes to couponing and deals.  Let me help you decode it all!

What FREE really means in coupon deals – 

Sometimes FREE really means FREE.  Using a $2.00 off coupon on a $2.00 product makes that product FREE.

Sometimes FREE, means spending something out-of-pocket first.  For example – Buying a $3.00 item at Walgreens and getting $3 RR back.  You had to spend $3 but you got $3 RR back which a good couponer looks at like cash because you can spend it on your next deal.  So spending $3.00 to get a $3.00 RR is like getting an item for FREE!

There are also things that are FREE after a rebate – meaning you have to purchase the item and submit the rebate to get your purchase amount back.

And then there is FREE when you buy something else.  “Buy this product and get that product FREE.”

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And yes, I always type FREE in all caps.  I can’t help it – it’s a habit.

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