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Understanding Coupon Lingo – Double Coupons

by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on April 30, 2011 · 0 comments

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There are a lot of terms used when it comes to couponing and deals.  Let me help you decode it all!

What does a store mean when they say “Double Coupons”?

It simply means the value of your coupons (up to a certain amount depending on the store) is twice at that store.  The store only gets the value of the coupon back from the manufacturer, but they give you twice the value to entice you to shop at their store in hopes that you will buy higher priced / non sale / non coupon items while you are there.

Why do coupons say “Do Not Double”?

The “Do Not Double” on a coupon refers to the manufacturer’s policy to not reimburse the store for twice the value of the coupon.  If a store doubles coupons, you will get double the value even if the coupon says “Do Not Double”.  It’s the stores decision to give you twice the value. 

Check the UPCs of your coupons.  If the first number is a 5 it will double automatically in a store’s system that allows double coupons.  If it has a 9 it will not automatically double – so be vigilant at the register, you may have to point out to the cashier that it didn’t double.  (I’ve come across very few “9” coupons.)

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