Yes To Skincare Products at Dollar Tree!

The other day, I found Yes To Watermelon Refreshing Jelly Mask, Quenching Lightweight Gel Mask 3 Fl Oz for under $3.00 on Amazon.  Which was a good deal…until…I walked into Dollar Tree over the weekend.

Check out all the Yes To products I found at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each!

Here’s what I found:

Yes to Watermelon Daily Hand Cream 3oz for $1.25.

Yes To Avocado Daily Hand Cream 3oz for how much?  Yep, $1.25.

Yes to Watermelon Daily Gel Cleanser for $1.25 – compared to over $7.00 on Amazon!

So be on the look out at your Dollar Tree!

They also have my favorite Freeman Skincare products at the Dollar Tree too!



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