Guess Where I Found Big Savings on my Favorite Skincare?

I discovered Freeman skincare products a while back and I LOVE them.  I have rosacea and eczema issues with my face and these products have been amazing.  They don’t burn or irritate my skin.  They actually provide some real relief.

You know what the difference in the two products on the left above and the two products on the right?

Where I got them and how much I paid.

The two products on the right came from CVS where they are $4.99 each. 

The two products on the left came from Dollar Tree for $1.25 each!

Now, you know me and you know I didn’t pay the full $4.99 at CVS.  I always use my CVS Carepass savings but $1.25 is an awesome deal as well, especially since Dollar Tree had varieties that CVS doesn’t have.

I found about 4 or 5 different Freeman skincare products at Dollar Tree!  So be on the lookout next time you’re in Dollar Tree!

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