💗 Free Printable Valentine Cupcake Toppers

valentine cupcake topper

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m ready to use these festive Valentine cupcake toppers I made!  We strive to be a “No Red40 food dye” household, so our Valentine cupcakes will be chocolate with chocolate frosting or Vanilla with White frosting.  So these cupcake toppers will provide a festive punch of color without causing us to consume unnecessary food dyes.

All you need is paper (cardstock is best), a printer, toothpicks and tape!  It’s that easy!

>>> Click here to download and print these Valentine cupcake toppers! <<<

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Valentine Cupcake Toppers

These toppers will also be great for special anniversary cupcakes or even a fun, wedding cupcake table!

>>> Click here to download and print these cupcake toppers! <<<

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