Easy, Festive, Christmas Tree Brownies | Easy for Kids to Decorate!


Easy Christmas Tree Brownies. Bookmark it, save it, pin it, whatever you need to do so that you’ll remember it a Christmas time.

These are the simplest Christmas treat you’ll ever make that are equally as festive!  They’re also simple for kids to help decorate which is great during the holidays.

Easy Christmas Tree Brownies


Honestly, it’s that easy.  Bake your favorite brownie mix and let the brownies cool completely.  Cut your normal square brownies into triangles.

The easiest way to slice them (if they are in a square pan) is to cut down the middle and then rotate the pan half a turn and cut in a zigzag from the initial cut line down and back up.  Then rotate the pan all the way around and do the same to the other side.


We just ran green frosting up them to look like garland and adorned with festive sprinkles.

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christmas tree brownies

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