Redeem these Ibotta Any Brand Offers for more Cash Back!


One of my favorite type of deals from Ibotta  are the “any brand” or “any receipt” offers!  Just like the name implies, you can redeem then on ANY brand of the specified item at ANY store!

Sometimes we get a:

  • $.25 cash back on any item

which literally means that if you upload any receipt that has any item on it, you get $.25.  Plus, all “any item” offers count towards your bonuses!  I can’t tell you how many times that little twenty-five cent “any brand” offer was the ONE MORE offer I need to complete enough offers for a $3, $5 or $10 bonus!

Any brand offers can vary by store so don’t assume if you see one available at one store, it’s available at any store.  But, just like they did with the free offers, they’ve put all their any brand offers in one easy to find location in the app.  When you open your Ibotta app and you’re at the “Home” screen (you’ll know you’re there because the “Home” icon at the bottom of your screen will be highlighted) scroll alllll the way to the bottom.

But when you do, you’ll see a “Special deals” category.  You may have to swipe through the offers, but you’ll eventually see a “any brand” category.  Tapping the banner will show you all the current any brand offers.


Now, there isn’t yet a way to make it show you freebies at just one store but I’ll tell you how you can check to see where you can snag these offers.


Under each item offer there is a store logo. That’s pretty straightforward.  That means the offer is available at that store.  But if you see some icon “shadows” behind it, that means it is available at multiple stores.  You can tap on the item offer and it will show you all the stores that offer is available.

Sometimes you will see one and there are no icon shadows – that’s an easy way to tell that it is available only at the one store you can see.

Not an Ibotta member?  Sign up here . Confused by Ibotta?  Never fear!  Here’s a step-by-step video I made on how to use it.  Including how to make sense of all the bonuses!





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