Our 2021 Georgia Renaissance Festival Trip | Only TWO MORE WEEKENDS!

The Georgia Renaissance Festival is a 16th century England Renaissance Festival and it’s BACK for the 2021 season!

The 36th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival is a family-friendly event, and a different kind of theme park. Inside this 32-acre recreation of a 16th Century English Village you’ll find hundreds of costumed characters, the Queen and her Court, endless circus-style entertainment on 10 stages, shopping in over 130 artisan shoppes, food fit for Royalty, games and rides for kids of all ages, and the spectacular Jousting Knights on horseback. Patrons are invited to wear costumes and join in the fun too. It’s a whole lotta’ fun, and a little bit of History, every weekend May 1 through June 13

The Festival will run every weekend May 1 through June 13, Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am to 6pm

Huzzah! And long live the King! We were excited to be back at the Georgia Renaissance Festival this year! We were so sad that it was cancelled in 2020.  We were LONG overdue for some food on a stick and general merriment while walking around in period appropriate (more or less) attire.

G got his macaroni and cheese on a stick. It’s ALL he talked about on the drive over.  I also got him to try Meatballs on a stick this year.  He very much enjoyed them!

Me?  I had the Fried Green Tomato BLT again.  It’s been since 2019 that I’ve had one. It was about time!  Oh, and the fried mushrooms!    LOVE the fried mushrooms!

BUT that makes it sound like all we did was eat food.  That is NOT all we did.

Okay, it was a big part of what we did.

But not all.

 Barely Balanced is an act NOT to be missed.  They are AMAZING acrobats.  And also SUPER funny!  

Also, make sure you see one of the jousts.  All three are different.   I’m a big fan of the midday joust. 

We saw Gypsy Geoff again.  That’s another show that is always a favorite.  Plate spinning, juggling, swords, and jokes.  Highly recommend!

Be sure to check out my post of important tips you need to know before visiting the Georgia Renaissance Festival!

2021 Updates:

We went a couple weekends ago just as Georgia changed some of their protocols so things weren’t exactly like the website updates said they would be.

Here is my “on-the-ground” report from our trip.

  • Vaccinated guests are not required to wear masks.  I would say that 85-90% of the attendees were maskless.
  • There are no temperature checks at the gate.
  • Social distancing measures are near impossible.  Sorry guys, but there is limited space inside and the day we were there it was SLAMMED.  The busiest of all the times we’ve ever been there.  You can not stay 6 ft away from people.  And the food lines were so long at times that if everyone stood 6 feet apart, the lines would’ve blocked clear across the festival grounds.
    Seating was blocked off at the performance venues – every other row was marked off.  Which was frustrating since it was so packed, getting a seat for the shows was hard.  We actually had to watch the joust from the hillside opposite the joust arena because the seats filled up a good 45 minutes before it even started.
  • We didn’t visit many shops this time but it did not appear they were enforcing masks inside the shops nor were they limiting people inside.  This could’ve varied from shop to shop per the shop owners preferences. The adult-only bar areas *might* have been enforcing masks but I’m not sure.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the village.



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