Solar Powered Color Changing Wind Chimes 30% off!


Y’all, this has been chilling in my Amazon cart since before Christmas!  I contemplated it as a gift for someone but I was worried it wouldn’t be as cool as it LOOKS.  So I thought I’d get one for myself but I was worried it wouldn’t be as cool as it looks.  LOL.

But it LOOKS really cool!  And it has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with 624 reviews.  So it’s probably as cool as it looks.

Since it’s been in my Amazon cart I’ve been watching the price go up and down for about six months.  And right now, the price is DOWN. Wouldn’t this be so cool to have on the porch this summer?

It’s the Mosteck Color Changing Solar Wind Chimes and they’re $13.99 and I BET you could give them to someone for Mother’s Day that loves wind chimes!

On sunny days, the wind chimes will charge themselves and glow at night. Just hang the crystal solar wind chimes in your fence, garden, patio, backyard, porch.

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