Kids Bowl Free 2021 Details | Save 25% off Family Pass for family members over age 15!


It’s time to sign up for Kids Bowl Free 2021!

Dates range from center to center and state to state.  Our center starts May 3rd but I saw a couple centers in Pennsylvania and South Carolina that had start dates in APRIL!

Be sure the kids are signed up for Kids Bowl Free 2021.

The 2021 Kids Bowl Free program is not specific to a certain chain of bowling alleys.  You can find a participating center near you.    Kids (under 15 years old) can get TWO free games EVERY DAY at a participating center.  (Most places will require a bowling shoe rental – not included in the program.)

>>>Click here to sign up for Kids Bowl Free!<<<

But wait!  That’s not all!

You can also sign up teens and adults for a summer pass for $39.95.  Up to 4 people get two games every day during the summer with the family pass so that the whole family can bowl every day!

>>> USE CODE: HOT25 on the Family Pass page* to save 25%!  Making it just $29.95! <<<

If the code HOT25 doesn’t work, when it asks if you want to sign up for the Family Pass find the tiny “No Thanks” button and click it.  When you do that, you’ll be offered a discount code!

Shoe rental also not included.

Save even more on your kids bowl free when you don’t have to rent shoes!  Search Ebay for bowling shoes and get a great deal!  I got us each a pair for this year and if we bowl 6 times our shoe cost will be less than if we rented shoes 6 times.  And with our own shoes, we can go more often!



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