Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls | Made from Canned Cinnamon Rolls!

Taking a hint from our Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls and Snowman Cinnamon Rolls, we made Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls!

No, I don’t make cinnamon rolls from scratch.  You’re going to be amazed at how easy these really are!

Easy Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

You start with a can of these:

Yep, just good ol’ Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls – make sure you get the Butter Cream Frosting Flaky Cinnamon Rolls (yellow band around the can).  This is important! There are kinds that don’t fluff up right and you’ll have a disaster.   Just ask our Pumpkin-shaped Cinnamon Rolls.

Arrange them on a pan like so (spraying the pan with cooking spray first really helps):

easter bunny cinnamon rolls

You’ll need to unroll each roll and cut it into pieces.  You should be able to get a bunny from every cinnamon roll. For the ear pieces I cut, they were actually shorter pieces than the look – I stretched the dough out before forming the ear. Also, be sure to pinch the bottom ends of the ears together really well (better than in my picture – I did not pinch them well enough!)

Bake per the directions on the can.

You will need the cream cheese from the can so DON’T eat any of it.  Ok, so maybe just a taste while the rolls are baking…

They will (hopefully) come out looking a bit like this:

easter bunny cinnamon rolls

If the ears are a little too puffy or come detached from the head – they are fixable while they’re still warm.  Just adjust and smush where you need to.


After that, I just iced them like I would any other batch of cinnamon rolls.  I thought about coloring the icing to make different color bunnies, but I was short on time the morning I was making these and dint’ have time to be extra.


easter bunny cinnamon rolls

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