The Ultimate Krispy Kreme Free Doughnut Event thru the end of the year

Personal opinion time: It’s my job to tell you about free deals and savings.  I don’t always have to agree with them … like Publix or Winn-Dixie giving you a $10 gift card to get a flu shot.  If you have to bribed to do it, should you be doing it?  The flu shot is a medical decision, you shouldn’t be incentivized to make a medical decision. Now, thanks to the ridiculousness of being given a vaccination card with your C19 shot, look for retailers to offer you specials and free stuff for presenting said card. It’s a slippery slope toward requiring said card to access services. I do love that this NYC gym owner is giving free memberships to people who aren’t getting the vaccine.

I almost didn’t share this deal because I am so highly opposed to this.  But people are going to (and have been) getting the C19 shot – as is their right to do – so this deal is applicable to them.  It’s up to everyone to decide what’s best for them – without the influence of bribery.  But I had to make my position clear before I posted.

Krispy Kreme is offering a FREE original glazed doughnut when you present your vaccination card.

No purchase is necessary and you can walk in and show it once per day for a free doughnut if you wish to do so.  This promotion will run through the end of 2021.

It’s a free country (right now) and people can certainly do what they want.  And the occasional doughnut is fine.  But sugar is the #1 worst thing for your immune system.  So it’s ironic that Krispy Kreme is offering free doughnuts (potentially one per person everyday through the end of the year) for being vaccinated – especially since vaccinating sends your immune system into overdrive and adding sugar in when it’s trying to fight is a bad mix.

It’s also interesting that the gigantic “stimulus” bill recently passed included a billion dollars for “public vaccine confidence.”  I wonder how much taxpayer money Krispy Kreme is getting to pay for all those doughnuts they’re going to give out….

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