More Savings in 2020 | Here’s Your Jump Start Guide / Cheat Sheet

Ready for More Savings in 2020? Here’s Your Jump Start Guide / Cheat Sheet.  You can bookmark it but I’ll also keep it pinned to the top of the blog for awhile.

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If you’re not a Facebook follower or group member, you might have missed some of the great links to past savings posts I’ve been re-sharing to help us save more in 2020!

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Coupon and Rebate Apps | What You Need to Know

Where do I find Coupons?

2020 Savings Challenge | You can have $1400 (or more!) by the end of the year!

365 Day Penny Saving Challenge | $668 after one year


Here are some ways you can go ahead and start saving for the holidays!

All the Ways to Earn FREE Amazon Gift Cards

Try this tip for saving for Christmas!


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