What is Chick-fil-a Receipt Day?

What is Chick-fil-a Receipt Day?

What is Chick-fil-a Receipt Day?

If you find yourself hearing about Chick-fil-a Receipt Day and you don’t totally understand what is Chick-fil-a Receipt Day , I’ll tell you.  It’s quite simple really!  You’ll be ready to participate after reading this.

But first, Chick-fil-a Receipt Day is not a set day across all Chick-fil-a locations like Cow Appreciation Day is.  Each location chooses when to do receipt day.  And perhaps not all locations do it.  I cannot confirm that every Chick-fil-a has a receipt day.  The best way to find out if and when your Chick-fil-a has a receipt day is to find your local location on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – my local locations have Facebook and Instagram, I don’t think any of them are on Twitter).  They will post receipt day details on their social media.

So what is Chick-fil-a Receipt Day?

Chick-fil-a Receipt Day is a day where the participating location prints your receipt on special yellow paper (or it could be blue, or maybe even some other color – the point is, you can see that it’s a special receipt).  This receipt is redeemeable at a later date on which you will receive the entire order for FREE!

Yes!  The entire order! (Except for anything you redeemed an app freebie for – so DON’T use CFA ONE App Reward on Receipt Day).

Not valid on mobile orders because you don’t receive a store printed receipt for those.  You must place your order at the counter or drive thru on receipt day.  You also won’t be able to redeem your special receipt on mobile orders – to redeem you must do it in person.

Not valid on catering or gift cards.

So our local CFA had a receipt day in early December and we got our blessed golden receipt … okay, okay, it’s just yellow.  And I can take that receipt back to that location on any day in January to get that entire order again FOR FREE!

So receipt day is ONE day to get your golden ticket … okay, okay yellow receipt … and then take it back during the next month, any day of your choosing in that month, and eat for FREE!

Has your Chick-fil-a ever done receipt day?

I’m not going to lie, we ate at Chick-fil-a TWICE on receipt day!  That’s two free meals coming our way on any days in January we choose!


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