What is an Ibotta Bonus Offer? How Do I Earn Ibotta Bonuses? Ibotta Questions, Answered!

What is an Ibotta Bonus Offer?

The biggest questions, hands down, that I get asked about Ibotta all have to do with Ibotta Bonus Offers.  “What is an Ibotta Bonus Offer?”  “Where are the offers I have to redeem for the bonuses?”  “How do I know which ones are bonus offers?”  “How do I redeem bonuses?”

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And the answers to those questions are SO simple.  So let me walk you through it and you’ll be like, “ohhhhh, that was easy!”

So every bonus will tell you to redeem X number of offers.  People seem to be confused by what an offer is.

Like in this example – it says “redeem 24 offers”:

What is an Ibotta bonus offer? An Ibotta offer is just about everything on the app.

For example, this is an offer:

If I go to the store and purchase this item and then submit my receipt to Ibotta, I have redeemed ONE OFFER.

It’s really that easy!

So how do you get it applied to your bonus?

YOU don’t have to do anything!  It’s automatic!  When you redeem an offer, it adds that to your total offers redeemed toward the number needed in the bonus.  When you reach the number, you get the bonus!

*Important note – in the Butterball example above there is a limit of 5, meaning I can get cash back on up to FIVE of those if I purchase multiple ones.  BUT it only counts as ONE offer.  Multiple redemptions of the same offer do not count multiple times towards bonuses.  If I bought five Butterball Smoked Sausage, I would get the $.45 cash back FIVE times but it would only be ONE offer.

Take a look at this next screen shot of four different items eligible for cash back:

If I went to the store and bought (2) Campbell’s Well Yes (because it requires the purchase of two to complete the offer), (3) Kevita Master Brew Kombucha (it has a limit of 5), (2) KeVita Sparkling Drink and (1) Eggo Nutrigrain Waffles – I will have completed FOUR OFFERS towards any active bonuses.

And they apply automatically – I don’t have to do anything extra!

If you complete an online cash back offer through the Ibotta app – that’s an offer too!

What does NOT count toward Ibotta bonuses?  

I’m glad you asked because there are some things that don’t.

ANY BRAND offers will not count toward bonuses.  Example of those pictured above. They’re pretty easy to spot.  If I redeem any item on a grocery receipt and any brand of oatmeal, I will get the chas back listed but those will NOT change my offers redeemed count on my bonuses.

Referring friends also doesn’t count toward bonuses offer – unless there is a bonus offer FOR referring friends – which is something completely separate from shopping cash back and bonuses.

I hope this has helped you make sense of what is an Ibotta bonus offer!

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