The Spatty – as seen on Shark Tank – $4.94 (save 51%!) | No More Product Waste!

I love watching Shark Tank.  But I haven’t even bought anything that I’ve seen on Shark Tank before, have you?  I think if I were going to buy an “as seen on Shark Tank” product, I’d pick this one!  Why?  Because THIS product will help you save money!

It’s called The Spatty, and it helps you get the last little bit of product out of your lotion, conditioner, and makeup bottles!

And right now, you can save 50% off the regular price of the Spatty! Save money on a product that is going to save you money!

Get The Spatty, Last Drop Spatula, 6″, Pink, Reusable, Flexible, As Seen On Shark Tank for $4.94 – save $5.05!

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