NEW BOOK: Singles: Take Control of Your Own Financial Journey | On Sale Now

My friend wrote a book!  Laura Oliver, of A Frugal Chick, wrote a financial book specifically for singles.  Single, never married, divorced, this book is for you – especially if you’ve tried other popular financial books out on the market and they didn’t work because they factor in that everyone is married with a house, a yard and 2.5 kids and needs to consult their partner about budgeting and financial decisions.  Budgeting as a single person is a different dynamic.

Attention singles! You can take charge of your finances! Tired of the same old financial advice that blames your lackluster finances on your indulgence of avocado toast? Or reading books that make you feel guilty for going out to dinner with friends instead of staying home alone watching Netflix to save a few bucks? Money-saving expert and single girl Laura M. Oliver, AKA A Frugal Chick, understands, and she is here to walk you through her experience becoming financially stable and building a solid plan for the future by sharing her simple strategies to decrease spending, increase savings, and live debt-free while still having a social life.  Money doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Laura shows you how simple it is to take control of your finances. You just have to be willing to take some active steps based on your current financial situation to build a better life for your future.

Singles: Take Control of Your Own Financial Journey will walk you through whichever of those steps you choose. Don’t have any debt? Skip those chapters. Happy with your budgeting strategy? Choose a different path. Married but still want to read the book? Cutting expenses is the same for everyone!

I’ve only had a chance to skim the book so far.  (Sorry, Laura!)  But I’m going to dive in and read it soon.  But I wanted to go ahead and tell you about it now because it will be ON SALE this weekend at the lowest price you will find it for the remainder of 2019.  A release weekend special, if you will.

Get Singles: Take Control of Your Own Financial Journey in paperback for just $7.27.  Or you can grab the kindle version for just $4.99.

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