Walmart Online Grocery Pickup $10 off $50 purchase – New AND Existing Customers

Walmart Grocery Pick Up has come to ANOTHER Walmart near me. The three closest Walmart stores to me now have pick up. So no matter what direction I need to go in, I can add grocery pick up to my errands!

I’ve got a link for you to get $10 off your first pick up order of at least $50! Click here to get a code for $10 off your first order to save time and money!  Not a new customer of Walmart Grocery Pickup?  No worries!  Thru 12/31/2019 use code LA9ARAAC to save $10 off a $50 purchase!  

If you’ve never used Walmart Grocery before you should click here to get your first time customer code  so that on your second order you can use code LA9ARAAC to save again since the code is valid thru 12/31/2019.

There are ZERO additional fees associated with Walmart Grocery Pickup!!

Click here to read 3 Common Misconceptions about Walmart Grocery Pickup.

It’s worth it for everyone to try it once with the $10 off your first order – because that’s a savings of $10!!  Not to mention the money you save from not going into the store and getting things you don’t need while you’re in there.  ;)

I like to purchase store brand items, things I don’t have coupons on and items I know Walmart has a good price on.  So even without “coupons” I feel like I still did a good job saving!  Plus, with $10 off your first orde– that’s just $10 in FREE groceries!

Plus, with my first order, I got a cute bag full of free items!  $10 savings and free items!  Why wouldn’t you try it??

Place your online grocery order  and save $10 off your first order of $50 or more!  Click here to get your $10 off code and get started! 


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