Three Common Misconceptions about Walmart Grocery Pickup


There are some common misconceptions floating around about Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.  Let me dispel those for you!  There is no reason for the spreading of false information.

Without further ado, here are three INCORRECT things I’ve heard about Walmart Grocery Pickup:

1. They jack up the prices if you order online for grocery pick up.

No, no, no, wrong, wrong, wrong.  There are ZERO additional fees associated with Walmart Grocery Pickup NOR are the items more expensive.

The prices you pay for the items in your Walmart Grocery order are the same as if you walked into the store and bought the same items.

Prices do vary from Walmart to Walmart (more on this later) so make sure you set your Walmart Grocery account to the right store.  We have one Walmart in the heart of town that has to compete with Aldi so their milk is regularly under $2.  But 12 miles away in the rural area that ONLY has a Walmart, milk is $3.59 or higher.

2. You have to tip the delivery person.

NOPE.  In fact, it says in the Walmart Grocery Pickup policy that the employees are not allowed to accept a tip.  (Just like the baggers at Publix that will take your groceries to the car for you.)

You do not have to tip. In fact, DON’T EVEN TRY to tip.  They are not allowed to accept it.  And I can’t tell you how many people I have heard say, “Well, I’m still going to offer them a tip anyway!”  Or, “I tip every time and they take it!”  Well, in the first example you’re tempting the employee to break policy and in the second example you’re complicit in them breaking policy.   Please don’t tip – I don’t care if it doesn’t align with your view of how the world works – don’t tip them!  Quit comparing them to a waiter or your barber.  Do you tip the cashier if you go inside Walmart?  Do you tip the guy collecting carts?  What about the stocker?  No, you don’t.  So don’t tip the person that walks the groceries to your car.  They are a fully-paid Walmart employee too.

The best thing you can do to reward good service is to fill out the survey that comes with your emailed receipt.  Remembering your delivery person’s name so you can mention them specifically is great too.  The company/store really does look at those surveys and rewards their employees accordingly.

3.  You can’t get a pick-up time so it’s not worth trying.

This always happens when a Walmart starts the Online Grocery Pickup program and everyone wants to try it and no one understands how it works so they give up on it and tells everyone else not to try because they tried once when it first opened and they couldn’t get a pick up time.

When the store “launches” online grocery, they may only take 50 orders per day their first week.  Makes sense, right?  Gives them time to find their rhythm and work out any kinks to provide the best customer experience.

After a week or two, they will up it to 75 or 100 orders per day and keep doing this in increments until they’re filling 150 orders or more per day.

So if you don’t get a pickup time the first week your store has online grocery, don’t give up.  Give them another chance.

Also, a great tip for getting the pickup time you want is to set your pickup time a few days in advance and go ahead and start your order.  You can keep adding to it up to 1:00am the day of pickup!  So go ahead and snag that time you want!  What happens if you can’t pick up your order?

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