Three IBOTTA Deals at ALDI (yes, ALDI!) | Posted 6/25

If you’re familiar with shopping at Aldi you know they don’t have a lot of major brand items – which means it’s hard to use cashback apps that generally give rebates for major brand products.  BUT that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

One great way to earn cash back even while shopping at Aldi is to check out “any brand” offers.  You can redeem them on the lower priced Aldi brands and pay less and still get cash back!

BUT sometimes you get lucky and you DO find major brand items at Aldi that have a current Ibotta rebate!  How often is sometimes?  Well, I was in there today and found three!

Aldi sells Lifeway Kefir which pops up often on Ibotta!

Lifeway Kefir 32oz bottle – $2.78
redeem $.50 cash back  from Ibotta

I actually see this brand of Kombucha in my Aldi all the time.  And this is a pretty regular offer on Ibotta too.

GTS Kombucha – $2.89
redeem $.50 cash back  from Ibotta

Suave Men 3-in-1 – $2.94
redeem $.50 cash back  from Ibotta


And then don’t forget about the “ANY BRAND” savings!

Sunscreen – $3.89 – $3.99
redeem $.25 cashback on ANY SUNSCREEN  from Ibotta
=as low as $3.64

Milk gallon – (prices vary by region)
redeem $.20 cashback on ANY BRAND MILK  from Ibotta


Have you signed up for Ibotta?  It’s a great money-saving app for your smartphone!  You “clip” the coupons you want.  Then when you purchase those items from a participating retailer you scan your receipt with your phone, scan the image barcodes and you get the cashback!  Plus, you can still use coupons in the store on the items, saving you EVEN MORE!

Don’t forget to check out the new “Bonuses” and “Store Extras” section of your app.

What are you waiting for?? Sign up for Ibotta today so you don’t miss out on any savings!

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