Unexpected Advantage to the Ring Video Doorbell

I really love having the Ring Video Doorbell 2.  We had the original Ring Video Doorbell but I upgraded.  The 2 has a clearer picture which is nice.

Why do I like the Ring Video Doorbell 2?

  • We previously did not have a working doorbell.  So I’m glad to have one now.
  • I like being able to SEE who is ringing my doorbell.
  • I like being able to SEE who is on my porch even if they don’t ring the doorbell (the mailperson doesn’t ring if she leaves a package and UPS and Amazon Prime only ring about half the time.
  • I like getting notifications to my phone when I’m away.  (I can see that a package has been left on my porch so I know to expect it there when I get home.  This is especially nice since we enter through the garage – not the front door.  I have previously been known to leave packages on the porch for a full day just because I didn’t know it was there and didn’t think to check!)

And there has been one unexpected plus to this that I’ve only just realized now that the weather has turned nice.

I can keep an eye on my son while he plays in the yard.

He’s 10 and perfectly capable of playing in the yard on his own.  But you know Moms, we worry.  So I would constantly be checking on him.  Which most of the time required going outside myself because I can’t see him well from any of the windows.

But the Video Doorbell has a clear shot of the front yard.

Which is another reason I like the Video Doorbell 2 because it does have a clearer picture.  I don’t think I would have liked the quality on the first doorbell for seeing the yard.

I got my Ring Video Doorbell 2 directly from Ring.com but if you pop over to Amazon, you can get the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with a FREE Echo Dot! A great deal if you also been wanting an Echo Dot!

Now that I’ve discovered all the benefits of having the Video Doorbell, I’m even more anxious to get my Ring Spotlight Cam installed over the driveway!

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