Taking a Minute to Thank YOU | And a Small Request

Me and my selfie buddy/mini-me/sidekick.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and that you are enjoying this season!  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being here!  Whether you are reading this in my daily email, or you clicked through from Facebook or Twitter, I am glad you are here!  It means a lot to a little blogger like me.

Truth is, a lot of times (okay, every day) I can’t keep up with the bigger bloggers that have a whole team working for them, cranking out exponentially more deals that I can.  I am a one-woman show over here!

I make a little extra money from this blog (and sometimes score some cool free products) to supplement my family’s income (being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom has great benefits but terrible pay!)  In fact, some weeks when you average what I make with the number of hours I’ve worked, it’s well below minimum wage.

Competition in the “blogger” world is fierce.  We’re all competing for the same thing – YOUR attention.  Being a “small blogger” is like being a small business.  We are small boats trying to stay afloat in a big sea full of much bigger boats.  So every visit, every click, every comment you make is HUGE to me.  Thank you for taking the time to support this small business!

With all that said, here is my small request.

If you have still have some Christmas shopping to do, I would appreciate it if you click on my Amazon link here to start your shopping.  It will help me out because I get a small commission when you do!

Kohls.com has some hot deals going on right now!  And again, if you shop through any of the Kohls.com links on my site, I get a small commission.

I’ve got a list of dates of when you need to get your orders in at various retailers for delivery by Christmas right here.

Don’t forget you can find all the latest Christmas Shopping Deals by clicking here .

Just clicking on pages (like the Holiday Gift Guides) and exploring my blog helps me out!  It keeps my traffic numbers up which helps me bring you more opportunities (like giveaways and such!)

Are you following me on Facebook or signed up for my daily newsletter?  Those things help me out too!

Do you need to print coupons for your Christmas grocery shopping? Any time you click and print coupons from my site, it helps me out! I get a few cents per coupon print and it adds up! So here’s all the places you can print coupons for your grocery shopping! I would start with Coupons.com.

I post a list of available printable coupons just about every weekday too so make sure you’re not missing that!


Thank you for visiting and Merry Christmas!

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