Walgreens Balance Rewards CHANGES on 11/4/2018 | Redeem your points ASAP!

So this news started circulating about a month ago but I honestly only JUST came across the details of it.  So you have thru TOMORROW, Saturday, November 3rd, to spend your points if you want to before the changes.

So what’s changing with the Walgreen Balance Rewards?  There are two changes:

First change: Every 1,000 points will be worth $10.  No more tiered, “the more you have the more they are worth” structure.   (i.e. currently 40,000 is worth $50 in the tiered structure.  Starting Sunday, 11/4, your 40,000 points will only be worth $40.

This tiered structure will be no more as of 11/4/18.

So maybe that’s not the end of the world, you say, you’ll still have $40 to spend.  But be sure to read the second change.

Second change: YOU CAN ONLY REDEEM 5,000 points ($5) AT A TIME.

This is super lame.  So if you have a lot of points saved up, and you don’t want to see their value slashed AND you want to be able to spend more than $5 in a transaction, then you need to shop at Walgreens BEFORE Sunday, 11/4/18.

Yeah, I’m not happy about this either.  I don’t shop Walgreens often – only when the deals are REALLY good or something I really need.  And I save my points until there is a big transaction I want to do.  Sometimes I even spend $35-$50 on Christmas stuff at the end of the year.  It really stinks that they are doing away with this.

It’s going to make it even harder for me to drag myself to Walgreens…



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