Mattress Shopping? Look No Further than | All-Natural & Made in USA provided us with the mattress featured in this post.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own. is factory-direct mattress company that sells only mattresses that are handcrafted with the best organic and all natural materials.

They use no chemical flame retardants – they use wool as a natural flame retardant. 

G needed a new mattress badly.  I’m not even going to say how old the twin mattress he had been sleeping on was because it was old.  He was about to be nine and he still woke up in the middle of the night most nights and came to our room and got in our bed.  Which is only a full size bed – imagine having yourself, your 6-foot tall husband, your 9 year old and a cat in a full sized bed.  Yeah, it’s not fun.

But I just felt like the reason why he was waking in the middle of the night was because his bed wasn’t comfortable and he wasn’t getting quality sleep on it.  And by him getting up and coming to our bed, no one was getting quality sleep.

We had been looking around for mattresses for a bit but I found the whole decision to be rather daunting.  And the price tags to be nauseating.  It seemed like if I looked into those “$99 mattress sales!” I found a whole bunch of fine print.  One store advertised $99 mattresses but you had to buy a $799 bed to get the $99 mattress.   And then there is always the delivery charges.   I just never found anything in the store that made me feel good about the amount of money I was going to have to spend.

Enter had the solution to my problems!

The Pure Echo mattress is $529 with Free shipping!  (Yes, shipped right to your door!  More on that in a minute.)  The Pure Echo is their most popular and most economical mattress with a new more comfortable spring system that offers excellent lumbar support. This medium-firm mattress is conforming and pressure relieving making it perfect for children, teens, and adults.  (I can attest to that because I slept in G’s bed one night while he was at his grandparents house…best.sleep.ever.)

The Pure Echo is handcrafted with all-natural, hypoallergenic materials, including organic cotton and natural wool for the deep, healthy sleep you deserve at a price that won’t keep you up at night.

So I mentioned that they ship it right to you.   You know you’re getting the best price with this factory-direct company.  No stores, no salespeople, no middle man.

So it looks like this when it arrives…

Kind of hard to imagine there is a twin sized mattress in there (until you try to pick it up…then you’re certain that there is.  Sorry UPS guy that had to carry that down the hill to my house!!)

G helped me with it.  Since it was his mattress he had to put some of the work in!  (Also, totally couldn’t move it by myself.)

Here it is after we got the cardboard packaging off and some of the plastic wrap.  It’s starting to “pop”.  I wish I had videoed this part.  G said it was fun to watch it “grow” as we got more and more layers of wrapping off.  It comes packaged nice and secure!

With your My Green Mattress, you don’t have to have boxsprings – any firm surface will do (including the floor!)  We have a basic bed frame for G so we opted to keep his current boxsprings (while as old as the previous mattress, not necessarily needing to be thrown out as badly as the mattress was.)  The current boxsprings will work just find until we can get a Bunkie Board to support the mattress (maybe like this one.)

And with you can feel good about buying Made in the USA products and supporting a small business employing people right here in America!

Ok, he’s totally fake sleeping in this picture.  But he was very much enjoying his new mattress.  He begged me to let him “sleep on it without any covers” (fitted sheet) because it was so soft and comfortable.  I didn’t let him.  But I was amazed at how soft and comfortable it was to just lie directly on the mattress!

He’s been sleeping on it for almost 2 weeks now and I really think he’s sleeping better.  I’ve asked him but he’s 9, so he doesn’t know.  But just based on the number of times he’s been up in the middle of the night in those 2 weeks (just once!) I think he’s getting better sleep.

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