Christmas Shopping Tip: Buy Gift Cards All Year Long



2017 is going to be our year of saving more, right?  RIGHT?  It should be!  Here’s an awesome tip that I full plan on using!

Every payday (or anytime you find yourself with a little extra money) purchase a gift card in any amount you can afford ($10, $25, $50, whatever) and put it in a safe place.  When it’s time to shop for Christmas, you pull out your gift cards and go shopping!  NO credit card debt to do your Christmas shopping!  NO cash out of your budget in November/December.  And the gift cards can even double as the actual gift if you choose too.

You can purchase store gift cards at stores you usually shop for gifts  (Barnes and Noble, Bath & Body Works, Kohl’s, Toys ‘R Us).  Specialty store gift cards like that also double as good gifts.  Or  you can purchase Walmart and Target so you have more options when it comes time to shop.  Purchase Amazon gift cards if you like to shop online.  Or you can stick to Visa gift cards which are as good as cash anywhere so you can shop anywhere.  (Just know that Visa gift cards generally have activation fees).

Even if you can only do $10 one pay day, or the most you ever put back on a payday is $25, it still adds up and it’s money you won’t have to spend at Christmas time!

If you get paid weekly and get a $10 gift card every time, from January to November you can sock away $440 for Christmas!

If you get paid bi-weekly and get a $25 gift card every time, from January to November you can have $550 for Christmas!

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