Do you have a Ticketmaster Account? You could have FREE TICKETS!



I wasn’t even certain I HAD a Ticketmaster account.  I can’t remember the last time I purchased something using Ticketmaster.  But I gave it a shot and tried to log in and low and behold, I DO have an account!

I had NO idea that Ticketmaster was going through some kind of lawsuit.  But it’s over and they’ve settled and if you have purchased tickets through Ticketmaster from 1998 to 2013 you’ve likely benefited from this settlement!

Log into your Ticketmaster Account to check and see if you received any FREE vouchers our coupon codes.  You will find it under the “Active Vouchers” tab.  I have FOUR codes for a pair of free tickets (that’s 8 tickets total) and four discount codes for $2.25 off.

This will be on select events and those are yet to be determined but there is a dedicated website just for eligible shows that you’ll be able to keep checking and the coupon codes are valid through 2020!!

Thanks (and I mean THANKS A BUNCH!) A Frugal Chick!

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