Checkout51: $5 New Member Bonus (+$5 for referring your friends!) Extended to June 29th



Do you have a friend or two or three that aren’t using Checkout51 to get cashback on their groceries?  Well, if you do, be sure to tell them about it because for a limited time, you get $5 per friend that signs up and uploads a receipt!

Check your Checkout51 app for a personal link to share with your friends!  When your friend uploads a receipt THEY get $5 and YOU get $5!  See?  It’s great for everyone!   This is for a limited time!  In order to get the bonuses – referred members must sign up by June 20, and must upload their first receipt by July 20.

Are you not a member yet?  Then SIGN UP HERE and if you upload your first receipt by July 20th, YOU GET $5.00!

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