“DINO”-mite Dinosaur Valentines (with printable tags)


I bucked the system this year.  Bug’s Valentine’s did not have hearts or an over abundance of red or pink on his Valentines.  Boys like Dinosaurs.  So Dinosaurs it was!  You can find packs of mini-sized dinosaurs rather inexpensively too!  Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Walmart – I’ve seen them at all those places and more.  Or you can grab some on Amazon.

I am out of printer ink so I went the old fashioned way and wrote the Valentine’s myself.  BUT for you I have provided a PRINTABLE PDF.  It’s three pages with three different color schemes.  You can print them all or just multiple copies of one page.


>>> DINO-mite Valentine’s Card/Tags PRINTABLE HERE  <<<

I would suggest either printing the cards on cardstock or on regular paper and gluing to cardstock.  (Option 2 might work better because you can make the cardstock bigger than the printable, increasing the size of the card, which makes more room for the dinosaurs.

Attaching them is as simple as punching two holes with a whole punch and looping some ribbon or string around it and tying.  I tied mine in the back because I didn’t like bows on top of the dinosaurs.

These were a hit!


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