“Out of this World” Valentine’s Idea with Printable Tags


>>>  You are OUT OF THIS WORLD Valentine’s Printable Tag  PRINT HERE   <<<

Here’s something a little out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day.  Back around Christmas, Dollar Tree had softball sized rubber balls that were painted like a globe.  I had this idea for a world themed Valentine but of course, they didn’t have them any more.  BUT in the teacher section of Dollar Tree that had inflatable globes!  Even better because the cards are easier to attached to the packaging.  (Truth be told, I hadn’t exactly figured out HOW I was going to attach a card to the balls…)

Now if you don’t luck out and find the inflatable globes at Dollar Tree, never fear!   You can order a pack of 12 inflatable globes from Amazon for around the same price as 12 + tax at Dollar Tree!  Don’t want inflatable globes?  Check out these globe keychains, bouncy balls and foam balls too!



I actually hand-wrote the cards to put on the globes because I was out of printer ink.  BUT I made nice printables just for you!  Get your printables here.

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