Receipt Hog: Earn CASH for Uploading Receipts



If you’re going to be out shopping on Black Friday, make sure you have your Receipt Hog app!  Besides getting your regular coins for scanning your receipt, they will be award THREE bonus prizes!  And every receipt you submit within 2 hours of purchase is a chance to win one of three giveaway prizes!

The prizes are 1000, 2500 and 5000 bonus coins!  That’s a lot of rewards you can get with those bonus coins!

Need to know more about Receipt Hog?  Keep reading!


This is probably the EASIEST rewards app out there!  Receipt Hog!  To use Receipt Hog you sign up for an account here and then download the app to your phone.

If you haven’t opened your Receipt Hog app recently, you’re missing out!  They’ve updated with more great ways to earn rewards!  Check it out!

When you shop, upload your receipt – no need to worry about what you bought, there are no item specific offers.  You earn coins (points) based on how much your receipt total is.  You can redeem these points for gift cards or cash!

You can redeem grocery store receipts, drug store receipts, Target/Walmart receipts (even non grocery purchases) and convenience store receipts (buy a soda and candy bar at the gas station?  Scan it!) And retail store receipts!   (I’ve earned points for purchases at Kohl’s, Michael’s and more!)

Ready to get started?  Sign up for Receipt Hog now!

After you check out Receipt Hog, check out the new Snap by Groupon app for cash back when you shop for Groceries!!

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