Dollar General: $.25 Jello Pudding, Libby’s Pumpkin and Diapers

Have you been in Dollar General lately?  ALL Christmas stuff is just $.25!  There wasn’t much left in the way of decorations or anything at my store that I wanted.  But I did find a shelf of items that caught my eye at just $.25!


The 20oz cans of Libby’s Pumpkin are just $.25!  The cans my store had were dated March 2015 so I took advantage of the amazing price and stocked up for the holidays!

They also had a lot of candy, Christmas shaped and gingerbread flavored marshmallows, and pumpkin spice jello pudding mix.

Another thing to look out for in the clearance bins are these 2 count packs of diapers!

They are priced $1 and were in a bin marked an additional 50% off but they actually rang up $.25!  That’s less than $.13 per diaper!  That’s a pretty good price.

There is a coupon inside but it’s expired.  But it’s still a great deal on the diapers!

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