I got my FREE Smucker’s coupon! Have you?

After days of trying, forgetting and not being around the computer at the right times, I FINALLY got my coupon for a FREE box of Smucker’s.

Have you gotten yours yet?  If not, they are giving them away for 11 more days.

Smucker’s is giving away a coupon for a FREE box of Uncrustables to 400 people everyday from 9/13/10 to 10/13/10.

The time to go request your coupon is different every day.

This is the schedule:
Mondays 12 Noon EST
Tuesdays 6 am EST
Wednesdays 4 pm EST
Thursdays 6 am EST
Fridays 12 Noon EST
Saturdays 2 pm EST
Sundays 9 pm EST

Limit one coupon per person for the duration of the program.

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