NEW LeapReader Reading & Writing System Review | It’s Going to be This Year’s Hot Christmas Gift

“I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty.  The opinions expressed here are my own.”

Technology is so cool.  The most technologically advanced thing I had when I was a kid was a “computer” that had a single line LCD screen that scrolled spelling, math and trivia games across it.

Now kids have things like the new LeapReader system!

What’s so cool about the NEW LeapReader?  It takes everything you love about the former LeapFrog Tag Reading System (working on listening and reading skills) and has added writing skills to the mix with special paper!  The LeapReader Device writes only on the special paper – not in the books or any other surface – making it safe to let your kids play with anytime and anywhere without worrying about marks on the sofa.  :)

The LeapReader solution includes three essential experiences:

Learn to Read: Sounds out words, reads sentences, and lets kids play games and puzzles.
Learn to Write: LeapReader gives children interactive guidance as they practice writing letters and numbers on special mess-free writing paper.
Learn through Listening: Audio books, learning songs and trivia challenges build comprehension skills and vocabulary

The basic LeapReader system comes with a sampler book and 4 apps already pre-loaded to your device for $49.99.  But there is a library of 150+ books, workbooks, audiobooks and MORE making this toy a fantastic snvestment!

We tested out the new LeapReader and a few really cool accessories.  The kids had a great time playing with the Talking Words Factory Flash Cards.  They’re a fun game on their own but the LeapReader device doubles the learning potential!
Turn letters into words at the Talking Words Factory by playing 5 rhyming, spelling and singing games.
Touch letters to hear them pronounced.
Enjoy 400+ audio responses and sing – along songs that reinforce the learning.
Identify spelling patterns and swap out beginning letters and ending letters to create new words. Includes storage box

Here’s a picture of the kids putting words together with the flashcards.  That’s Bug on the left, he’s really thinking hard about his word.  :)

I think what the kids liked the most was the Disney-Pixar Monsters University 3D story book!  It comes with 3D glasses so the book really comes to life.  That was fun!  Look how insanely happy the boy on the right is.  He wouldn’t take his 3D glasses off!

Get into the Monsters University school spirit while building reading comprehension skills!

Children can experience Mike and Sulley’s monster world in a fun new way with LeapFrog’s first-ever 3D book.  Join the fun on campus as these two monsters learn to appreciate their differences and train to compete in the famous Scare Games.  Kids will have a roaring good time while building reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.
They can choose a personalized monster name, and experience enhanced story art with their own pair of 3D glasses. This LeapReader title is compatible with Tag™.

Additional features:
Play learning games that build logic and reasoning skills using position words and some detective work.
Learn about nouns and verbs while correctly identifying the right scare technique.
Build word recognition skills. If a child gets stuck on a word, they can touch it to hear its pronunciation and begin to associate the word they hear with the word they see printed on the page.
3-D glasses are included with purchase and encourage children to engage in the book’s features and explore
unique illustrations.

So to sum it up, as a mom I give this toy 6 out of 5 starts and as a preschool teacher I give it 7 out of 5 stars…that’s 13 stars total.  That is to say, it’s awesome. 

If you have a 3-5 year old then this is a great investment because the basic system is compatible with accessories for the 3-5 crowd and the 6-8 crowd.  So when they grow out of the books you get them first you can expand with new books all while keeping the same system.

If you have a 6-7 year old struggling with reading then you can’t pass on this item.  It will help them tremendously because it gives them the freedom to practice independently which gives them confidence in their abilities.

You can check out the LeapReader and it’s full like of products at Amazon!  I totally have to get Bug the Solar System Discovery set!

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