I love the Dollar Tree!

My local Dollar Tree has been getting in a LOT of great stuff recently!

We had to go to a birthday party for a friend’s son who loves all things Cars (the movie).  I was able to load up a gift bag with two Cars puzzles, a Cars coloring book and a Cars stamp set.

While I was there, I picked up some stuff for Bug.  He’s almost 2 and 1/2 (that hurts to admit that!) and he LOVES to learn (maybe because his mommy is a preschool teacher?)  I’m so proud of him that he already recognizes all his colors (even brown, black, white and gray – the hard ones!), he can count to 10 and recognize 1-5, he can spell his name and recognizes the letters in his name when he sees them other places.

I got him some books to work in (Sesame Street Letters and Colors) and some flash cards (Mickey Mouse Numbers and Winnie the Pooh matching).  I also got a Mickey Mouse Numbers and a Playskool Shapes workbook – they just didn’t make it in the picture.  We’ve already been working in the Colors book.  He loves it!

Be sure to check out the Dollar Tree if you teach, homeschool or want to get your preschooler ready for school!  (They have a lot of great teaching resources!!!  I bought some posters for my preschool classroom too!)

Oh, and everything is $1!!!