“And Thank You for Publix. Amen.”

This is my little “Bug”.  He is four years old.  Isn’t he adorable?  I’ve been couponing since he was about 8 months old.  He’s been with me for about 97% of my shopping trips.  At two years old, he could recognize “CVS” and Walgreens, which he called the “W store”.   Not to be confused with Walmart – which was the “star store” because of the big star between “wal” and “mart”.

He knows all the stores we shop at and can tell you what he likes best about each of them (like cookies from Target and Publix).  He knows which stores have the best buggies (like the race car ones at Winn-Dixie and CVS).   He likes to go shopping with me, which is good, because he doesn’t really have a choice.  He has to go with me.

The other night before dinner, he quite randomly added a line to the prayer.  Which he has never done – he says the same short, simple blessing we taught him  when he was two.  But for whatever reason, he said, “Dear Jesus, thank you for the food.  Bless it to our bodies.  And thank you for Publix. Amen.”

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