Valentine, You Light Up My Day (non-candy) Valentine Idea

Valentine, You Really LIGHT Up My Day – non-candy valentine idea for kids

I found a deal on these little colored finger lights. Bug is four and he loves anything that lights up or glows so I figured that maybe all four year olds do. So I bought two dozen of them and decided to figure out how to use them for Valentine’s for his class at preschool.

I created these hearts (you can download them in printable form here) and left room at the bottom for him to write his own name and left room at the top to attach the light. The lights are not very heavy so a piece of cardstock would suffice. You can print the hearts on cardstock and cut out, or, what I did (because all my white cardstock was 12×12 and wouldn’t go through the printer) was printed it on plain white paper and glued it to the cardstock. Then cut it out, leaving a little edge to it.

The lights come with these little elastic bands so you can wear them on your fingers. So I figured there would be a way to attach it to the card using that. I didn’t like the idea of putting tape over the whole light, it just seemed… tacky.
The way I could best figure out to do it was to remove the band from the light, stretch the band between my fingers and place the tape on the bottom, securing it to the card. Then attach the light back to it.

I don’t do well with written instructions; I’m a visual learner, so here’s what I did:


Glowsticks will also work with this card and I got the idea to make it look like an arrow going through the card. I taped the glow sticks to the back and cut some extra paper to tape to the ends to make it look like an arrow.

You can get glowstick bracelet 5pks at the Dollar Tree for a dollar.  I lucked out and found tubes of 15 for $1.00 at Michael’s!  You can also order glowsticks from Amazon for pretty cheap.

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